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August 05, 2011

Farmhouse Buys Ground Round

Foodnews-farmhouse Nope, this isn't another one of the (802) jokes. The team behind the Farmhouse Tap & Grill and American Flatbread — Burlington Hearth has leased 1633 Williston Road, the 6400-square-foot space long occupied by Ground Round.

"We've been eyeing that space and area for a long time now," says co-owner Jed Davis in an email. "We will create and deliver another exciting farm-to-table concept to the market." Rumor has it that concept will be on the higher end, but Davis isn't ready to reveal other details.

He is able to report that the restaurant will likely open in the late summer or early fall of 2012. As for another rumor that the Farmhouse team has bought another Church Street property, Davis says, "No. Definitely not."

Guess we'll have to sate ourselves with Farmhouse burgers until next year. Then, Williston Road it is!

"Rumor has it that concept will be on the higher end, but Davis isn't ready to reveal other details."

As if the Farmhouse Burlington is not on the "higher end" already! It is a nice place, and the one time I ate there, I enjoyed the food. Yet, it is distractingly, almost painfully noisy.

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