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September 27, 2007

Vermont Food in the Blogosphere

1) Jon Eick, originally from Vermont, is a stand-up comedian/project manager residing in Washington D.C. His blog, So Good: An Absurd Look at the World of Food, takes on topics as diverse as "Cheeseburgers = Naughty Sex" and "Mars Inc. Makes Me Want to Jab My Eye Out." Jon claims that he's "...uniquely qualified to run a blog focused on food and beverages, having eaten food on a daily basis for the last 27 years." Anyway...a few weeks ago, Jon came back to his old stomping ground and in the process, visited a childhood fave: Al's French Frys.
2) This one is tangentially food related: The Green Mountain State recently got lots of lovin' on the YERTblog. YERT stands for Your Environmental Road Trip. Apparantly, a group of activists are heading to all 50 states looking for ways that Americans "approach environmental sustainability." It appears that VT is doing a bang up job.
3) Vermont cheese guru Jeff Roberts, author of The Atlas of American Artisan Cheese, looks to be doing some travelling. A Portland, Oregon food page is promoting an October 7 dinner that will feature four cheesy courses and a discussion with Roberts. The menu includes beet and goat cheese agnolotti and apple strudel with Beecher's Flagship cheddar. Beecher's Flagship Reserve was second-best-in-show at the recent American Cheese Society conference in Burlington, and I was lucky enough to try it several times while I was there. Mmmm.
4) Goofball, a Belgian woman who writes the blog Goofballsworld and recently traveled through Vermont, thinks that Ben & Jerry's flavors are confusing, and that too many of their flavors feature chocolate. 

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Mark from YERT

Vermont is definitely doing a bang-up job. We had so much footage from the infinite environmental interconnections in Vermont that we nearly cried while editing that video. My brother and I are even thinking of moving to Vermont after this road trip is finished... I'll be sure to check here for fun stuff to do, taste, and go. :-)

Mark from YERT


Hi Mark -- Your trek across the U.S. sounds great -- the corn project cracked me up. When I have a little more time, I plan to watch a bunch of your videos.

I saw on the blog that you "whittled down" ten hours of Vermont footage into a seven-minute!

Jon Eick

Hey thanks for the link, Al's is always a must-visit when I return home to Vermont. I'll be back again at Christmas, so I'll have to do some write-ups on my other favorite digs in Burlington.


Hi Jon. If you think of it, send me a link when you do! (And if you want recommendations for new places to try, let me know).

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