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Monday, February 19, 2007

Things we can agree on.

Saw the Sonic Youth show at Higher Ground last night. It was fun. I wrote about it a wee bit in my Seven Days column for Wednesday, so I probably won't be getting into it here. If you're a blogger who attended the show then scribed about the experience, let me know, and I'll post a link. Jay, you better finish writing up your report!

Man, winter is kicking my ass! First the superstorm, and now the frigid temperatures. I'm cursing my ancestors (well, not really... I don't like inviting supernatural torment) for ever settling in the cruel Northeast.

Panda_bear_person_pitch Look again at the title of this post. Now listen to these new tracks from Panda Bear's upcoming album, Person Pitch.

Panda Bear — "Take Pills"

Panda Bear — "Good Girl/Carrots"

Aren't they great? I thought I was burned out on Animal Collective side jamz, but this record is delicious through and through.

You can buy that sucker on March 20. Make sure you do; Panda deserves yer monies.

If the label, Paw Tracks, has a problem with my posting these MP3s, they can send an ancient curse my way. What was it I said about inviting supernatural torment? Perhaps they should just tell me to take 'em down. Or not.


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Kein ayin hara!


The new Panda Bear album is amazing. I actually thought of you when I first heard it because it has a noticeable Brian Wilson feel to it that I thought you'd dig. I'm also intrigued that the album was recorded & performed live with a couple of Dr. Sample boxes. I used to love making music with my old SP-202. Wish I still had that thing.

I promise I will finish my SY write-up tomorrow!


Jay: Are you serious about PB rocking the SP-202? I had one of those! It was awesome in a Fisher-Price "baby's first sampler kind of way." Can't remember what happened to mine — either lost or sold on eBay.

Molly: Me no comprendo Yiddish. What are you, Meshugganah?


He actually plays a pair SP-303's during his live performances. I posted a video on spittingoutteeth that shows him performing "Bros" live with nothing more than his voice & the Dr. Samples. Pretty impressive.

I had a SP-202 back in the day & I desperately miss it. I did a live show with it once where I just looped and effected about a half-dozen James Brown samples with some early 90's drum loops that I took off of a "Beats and Breaks" album on vinyl. The performance actually went over pretty well.

When I get my tax return I may have to look into getting one of the new 404's....ah sweet nostalgia.


Παναγία Παρθένα, Παναγία Δέσποινα, εάν ο/η τάδε είναι ματιασμένος/η να ξεματιαστεί


Quit yer commie talk, pinko!


It's all Greek to me, tee-hee.


Holy Mary, mother of God, please deflect from Casey Rae the Evil Eye and/or any other curses thrown his way. Or at least protect his cats and hamster. Thank you very much.


that panda bear record is wonderful.
totally fresh vibe i think. one of my favorite new records in awhile.
catchy as hell too.
we were jammin the record during our whole tour.

also got the new avey tare & kria brekkan album which is due in april i think.
gonna listen to that soon.

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