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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Phood For Thought, Blog Style

So, yeah . . . Phish. Gettin' the band back together, bro. Nice.

It's no secret that Solid State is hardly a bastion of Phab Four phanaticism. However, echoing Bridget's earlier statements, congrats Phish-heads. Anything that puts a smile on the faces of this many people is alright by me. Of course, wild horses couldn't drag me anywhere near Hampton, VA in March. But to paraphrase Barack Obama, this ain't about me. It's about you. And you, if you're still reading, probably like Phish. But how do you feel about tribute bands, I wonder?

In this week's music section, there is a short feature on a South Carolina-based Phish tribute band called The Strange Design, who will be playing at Nectar's on October 21, which — coincidentally, I'm sure — just so happens to be the night after Trey Anastasio's sold out solo show at Higher Ground. How's that for shrewd booking?

Essesntially, the band is Dark Star Orchestra for Phish fans. They recreate Phish shows — specifically, early club shows — in their entirety. However, these are not note-for-note regurgitations. Rather, the shows are an attempt to pay homage, with an eye towards blending authenticity and the spirit of improvisation. At least that's what I'm told. I haven't seen them live, so who knows?

Anyway, part of The Strange Design's gig is that they solicit requests from fans in every town they play. You name the show you want to hear, make a good pitch and they oblige. Nifty, eh?

So let's hear it, Phish-heads. Whaddya wanna hear? The floor is yours . . .



I used to live in Hampton, Virginia. Just for a brief stint to keep my sister company while my brother-in-law was deployed. But I have to say, wild horses couldn't drag me back there at ANY time. Phish show or not.

I did get to see Every Time I Die play in a Chinese Restaurant while I lived there, though. That was fun...


I believe that they should pay tribute to the classic show at Club Toast in 1998 when The Skamaphrodites payed tribute to Phish with the skankin'-est ska cover of "Fee" ever performed.

And yes Dan was wearing a Phish t-shirt. Anyone with the evidence, please come forward.

Craig Bergreden

Cool idea!! Glad to hear someone is up for playing this kind of music - and odd that Phish would come back so soon too!

I think they should play this epic show!!

10-20-89 The Front, Burlington, VT

1: Harpua*-> Bundle of Joy-> Harpua* (reprise) -> Colonel Forbin's Ascent-> Famous Mockingbird, You Enjoy Myself, Oh Kee Pa Ceremony, Reba, The Divided Sky, Golgi Apparatus, Run Like an Antelope**

2: No Dogs Allowed, Walk Away, Dinner and a Movie, I Didn't Know#, AC/DC Bag#, Donna Lee#, Split Open and Melt#, Harry Hood#+, Swing Low Sweet Chariot Jam#, In a Hole#

E: La Grange#, Slave to the Traffic Light#

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