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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

’Tis the Season

Maybe it's the snow today. Or maybe it's the fact that my brother, Tyler, has been unearthing a treasure trove of Christmas TV special nostalgia lately and posting his findings on his Facebook page. Or maybe I'm just mellowing in my old age. But I'll admit it, I'm kinda feeling the holiday spirit this year. It's a Christmas miracle!

Anyway, here's a clip from one of my childhood favorites, "A Muppet Family Christmas" from 1987, featuring Big Bird and my all-time favorite Muppet, The Swedish Chef. Enjoy.


Lisa Crean

Dee-lightful. Here's a new fave of mine, from last year's Colbert Christmas Special. You have to endure Comedy Central's 15-second commercial first, but the handsome reward is the bestest version of "Peace, Love & Understanding" evah. Feat. Elvis Costello, John Legend, Feist, Willie Nelson, Toby Keith (yes, THAT Toby Keith), Stephen and a Bear!

Here ya go:


I love it. Swedish Chef's human hands always weirded me out a little, though.

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