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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Bernie blogging

As I reported here the other day, the Sanders for Senate in '06 campaign has taken the unusual step of putting up blog ads for a Senate race that won't begin in earnest for another year or so.

Sanders' Chief of Staff Jeff Weaver confirmed today that the ads are, in fact, a product of the official campaign. "It's relatively inexpensive," says Weaver. "You reach a target audience. We thought we'd give it a try." Weaver confirms that they've produced two ads — this one (scroll down — it's on the side) that's running on Atrios' Eschaton, and the monochrome version that's running on Swing State Project. Weaver said he'd get me a full list later, but I've seen the ads up on those sites, as well as on Daily Kos and on Burlington resident Jerome Armstrong's MyDD. All of them liberal democratic blogs, fyi.

Weaver promises to get me actual fundraising totals, though I don't expect they've raised a ton yet; the ads just went up last week. He explains that money wasn't necessarily the point — the campaign noticed the threads about the Senate race on those blogs, and placed the ads to generate interest in the race.

Weaver also says that they'll look into advertising on Vermont blogs — political or otherwise — as the election draws nearer. Interesting, especially if you're a small-time blogger with a loyal local readership looking to make some cash. Getting advertising dollars from a political candidate is one way of establishing legitimacy. And making a few bucks on yer hobby.

So is old Bernado going to get his own blog? Quoth Weaver, "We're discussing it."

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