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Friday, May 20, 2005

Real VT: Golden Townies

Rachel Severance, author of The Bulldozer Monologues, writes a racy, opinionated, occasionally self-aggrandizing blog that I'm going to start reading more often. It's the kind of frank writing you might expect to find in a bigger city, where no one could possibly trace its author. Rachel doesn't seem to care about cultivating anonymity. She blogs freely about just about everything, including her recent job at a local soap factory.

Here's an excerpt from Golden Townies, a May 14 post that explores much of what I love about urban living in VT. She's talking about the power of association, the way that everybody in Burlington is connected by, like, 2 degrees of separation:

It can show you the Mobil guy, who will in turn only charge you fifty cents for dollar scratch tickets and sell you condoms for the price of the coffee you got for free. It can show you the inside of Muddy Waters, where the hippies behind the counter will always remember that you like your coffee with skim milk, and will only charge you ninety five cents when all you've got is a buck, so you can leave a nickel in their tip jar. It can show you the inner workings of the only good bands, who in turn will give you standing seats on the side of the stage while they play their massive New Years Eve sets in front of hundreds of people...It can show you the rooftop over the Italian restaurant that looks far over the marketplace, the city, and into the neighboring towns as well....

Her conclusion? "We are the greatest fucking townies of our generation."

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We don't know Beverly Mayo, but we do know that don't Rainville on my parade better come up with an answer to criticisms like this letter to the editor. We have asked her, and we have heard her answer the following type criticism, and we assure you she has not formulated a good answer yet!

She may end up being a candidate for Congress but if she wants to win, she better give up her General title.


Can't Do Both

When the Free Press named Martha Rainville its Person of the Year for 2004, my immediate reaction was that Rainville should have declined the honor, and instead asked that it be given to troops who have served overseas and their families. But, I assumed that the award reflected well on the entire Vermont National Guard, and let my own objection pass.

With Rainville's announcement that she may run for Congress, and serve as Adjutant General at the same time, I have concluded that Rainville has developed a healthy ego after years on the job. Isn't that one of the charges she made about her predecessor, Don Edwards?

If, at a time of war, Rainville really believes she can be out shaking hands, kissing babies and picking out photos of herself for campaign literature, and serve as Adjutant General at the same time, she has lost touch with the Guard, and the people of Vermont.

Members of the Vermont National Guard serving overseas need a full time Adjutant General who is genuinely interested in them and their families. Martha, you can't be sipping tea with the rich and famous at out of state fundraisers, and be Adjutant General at the same time. It's time to resign.

Posted by: VTpolitics | May 21, 2005 6:59:45 PM

Um, this is OT (off-topic).

Posted by: cresmer | May 21, 2005 7:52:55 PM

In my opinion, their "comment post" is not merely OT (Off-Topic) Cathy.

As you are of course probably already well aware of, it appears to be something akin to *comment spam* [in more polite speak anyway), which is typically posted to blogs that enjoy a healthy, broad and growing readers in the hope (as well as pathetic and desperate attempts) of drawing traffic to their own blog.

Besides being OT and possibly pure comment spam however, this is not a comment post at all anyway; as it is in actually more like a blog post or what should be anyway.

In fact it would not surprise me once least bit if what they did is to copy a post from their blog and, are using it to cross-post it here as well as possibly on other (VT-based) blogs, etc.

All that does is to potentially tick off a blog's blogger, along with it readers, especially if it gets repeated on the same blogs over and over.

Whenever it happens on my blog [i.e., Norsehorse's Home Turf] (luckily not very often, since my blog is not well visited or popular like yours), the first time around I might just let the blogger know within a comment post like you have done and, if their is an e-mail address available for them, via e-mail too; or, otherwise, I might decide to delete their comment post (especially if it obvious spam and they are spamming several posts of mine along with finding the exact same post on the blog's of others as well as their own blog in the form of a blog post).

I'm truly glad my blog is not a popular one however, since this means I do not get too much of this sort of thing (though I sometimes did on my former political blogs [i.e., my Vote4Nader blog as well as my (now defunct and dumped) Question Dean blog])

It is not that I am uptight about such stuff, it is just a distraction and nuisance as well as a drain on time and energy when the needs arises to address it due to many repeats (which I have seen on blogs with heavy volumes of traffic as well as being widely popular ones; plus, like I have already mentioned, I had to deal with it on some of my own blogs too).

This may be the "Hollywood effect" -- blog style -- I suppose.

Anyway, my sincere apologies to you and this blog's visitors for this very lengthy and wordy comment post of mine, but I just wanted to share some of my thoughts and observations on these matters.

Welcome to Bloggywood Cathy! [smile]

Posted by: mwb | May 22, 2005 12:20:34 AM

We sorry for being "off topic" and would take the post down if we knew how. Sorry for not knowing the rules.

We posted a public apology to Cathy. Not only did we post it, we meant it!


Posted by: VTPolitics | May 23, 2005 12:25:28 PM

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