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Thursday, May 26, 2005


Got a disappointing email from Jessamyn West, 802's favorite librarian blogger, who lives in Bethel and reads the Randolph Herald. The RSS feeds she reported a while back were not as exciting as she thought.

well it turns out the rss feeds were just an advance for the paper
CHARGING for access to the online version of the paper. don't know if the
rss feed will be free or not.


too bad.

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Indeed Cathy, this trend by newspapers is very disappointing and, quite bothersome.

Though I understand it in a way, it is saddening that a fine paper like the Randolph Herald is going this route.

It is also ironic, as the fact is they will probably not be as successful as they have either come or been led to believe (here; via Randolph Herald]).

While they seem to cite all the visits they have been receiving, this does not mean it will translate into the paying online subscribers they appear to expect.

Though it is a quality publication, as far as volume and also content goes, it is not like they are a big city or even a more statewide newspaper, where one could expect a bigger draw for such with certain established newspapers of that particular type -- especially those providing still their online editions for free.

All this will do is to deny future articles of the Randolph Herald to people who may have enjoyed reading it online in the past.

This will definitely put a halt to bloggers like myself linking to their articles, as I usually do not bother linking to articles that become inaccessible to readers after a time or that are otherwise only readable for a fee (which means that come next week, I will be dumping them from my feed reads since I will not be able to afford to read the articles, etc. Not out of protest, but out of practicality. I only wish I could afford to help support them, but I do not have the funds of my own to do so).

It seems to me that if they explored doing much more with providing online ads on their pages, that they would have improve their potential profits; probably even more so than whatever online subscribers they will gain hence forth.

For example, they could do what the other newspapers have done, like the Vermont Guardian, the Burlington Free Press and the Rutland Herald/Times Argus in placing ads on their pages.

In addition to those type of ads, whether local or otherwise, they could have also done what many other sites are doing and include Google AdSense ads on their pages too. This could have proved to have been yet another good source of income for them as well.

Too bad it is way too late for them to reconsider what they are going to do, even presuming they were possibly open to such.

Now, however, we will never know.

To my way of thinking what they are doing instead makes no sense whatsoever.

My apologies for the long rant.

Posted by: mwb | May 26, 2005 10:10:45 PM

Charging for the online edition? Pity. Growing up in Royalton I read the online edition just about every week, not for long.

Posted by: Tom | May 27, 2005 12:12:30 PM


Posted by: HAROL W DEWEY | Nov 7, 2005 8:52:36 PM

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