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Friday, May 13, 2005

Wi-Fi Weekend and Friday Coffeeblogging

Combining two features in one!

Here again in the dank cave Radio Bean Coffeehouse on a sunny Friday afternoon. I'm intrigued by this podcasting thing. For those still in the dark, here's an explanation from Montpelier-based web consultant Michael Martine. Here again with Bill Simmon, Greg Giordano, Matt G. Paradise, and Jesse Krembs.

But enough about podcasting. You can read more about this show, Friday Coffeeblogging here. Incidentally, I took the picture on that website.

Let me tell you, instead, about the glorious free wi-fi connection at Radio Bean. Owner Lee Anderson says people use it all the time. "Usually, during the day, you see two, three, four, five people in here working on their laptops," he says. "There's not many people at night, probably because of the music." Anderson says they used to have ethernet jacks for customers to plug into, but they got rid of them. "They were kind of a pain," he says.

Now he splits the cost of the wi-fi network with his upstairs neighbor. Customers can use it for free, but they're invited to drop a few bucks in the donation jar on the counter. "It never quite covers it," he says, "but it helps."

The mustachoed rebel entrepreneur says it's mostly professional types who use the service. He uses it on his desktop upstairs, but doesn't have a computer to drag with him to coffeeshops. "I always wonder what the hell everybody's doing," he says. "How much time can you spend online? It baffles me."

Photo: L-R Lee Anderson, Greg Giordano, Bill Simmon, Jesse Krembs, Matt G. Paradise.Dscf1580

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You know, in the picture it doesn't look like a dank cave.

Lee is my hero. He has this really cool coffee joint and is helping to spearhead The Radiator, BTV's soon-to-open-up low power FM radio station (there's an article waiting to be written!). He's also super cool, and indirectly responsible for my having met Emily (my gf).

And I just realized I never paid him for my iced mocha today! I'm a bad podcaster!

Posted by: Bill Simmon | May 13, 2005 7:10:48 PM

Oh, and thanks for the photo we're using on the fcb page. I thought about different ways to credit you, but figured if I linked to you enough you wouldn't mind... :) You managed to take a shot that Greg, Todd and I were all happy with--a feat we had heretofor been unable to accomplish.

Posted by: Bill Simmon | May 13, 2005 7:36:26 PM

I like Lee's comment: "I always wonder what the hell everybody's doing," he says. "How much time can you spend online? It baffles me." It's amazing just how much time you can waste being online. Look I'm doing it right now!

Posted by: MarkS | May 13, 2005 8:15:50 PM

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