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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Real VT: Ode to the Oasis

Rachel from Bulldozer Monologues waxes poetic about the Oasis Diner, on Bank St. in Burlington:

Diner waitresses know that the cure for everything is a friendly smile early in the morning when you're too tired to speak your order. They know that the cure for everything is buttered toast done Diner style. Diner waitresses have a gift; they know mornings better than anyone in the world, and they live to serve the people that live to know late nights.

Yesterday, Rachel wrote that she's moving to San Francisco. So get the good local dirt while she's still dishin' it.

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I second that. I always have the #4 -- and love it. They've changed the titles, but its a great deal and wonderful place.

Posted by: zephyr | Jun 5, 2005 7:00:01 PM

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