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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Voices for the Lake

Last Saturday, my partner and I went to the Chew-Chew Festival on the Waterfront, mainly to check out the bizarre Court TV sideshow  that I wrote about for this week's paper (available online tomorrow). While we were there, we stopped by ECHO, the lake aquarium and science center for the first time — admission was half price this weekend.

Upon entering the center, we saw a sign by the door advertising ECHO's new blog, Voices for the Lake, which debuted Saturday. They're hoping Vermonters will use the site to promote a public dialogue about the state of the lake. "Your voice counts!" reads the welcome message at the top of the blog. "Use this online journal to share your concerns, opinions and ideas about improving the health of Lake Champlain, and to discover what others are thinking and feeling about the Lake."

It's exciting that one of Vermont's premier attractions is using a blog to encourage a public conversation. It might help remind people that we all need to take some responsibility for keeping our water clean. And it might initiate a few more Vermonters into the blogosphere, helping to answer the questions, "What the heck is a blog? And why would I want to read one?"

The public conversation seems to be off to a bit of a slow start — they've only got 2 comments so far. I think it's smart for other Vermont bloggers to help these folks get the dialogue under way. Why not stop by and leave a comment?

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Excellent find Cathy! Thank you for the heads up about this new blog on the block. Have just added them to my Bloglines feed, here [sorry, but I really like Bloglines a lot; especially since I could *never* manage to keep up with everything and everyone I manage to now without them].

Posted by: mwb | Jun 28, 2005 2:50:23 PM

Greetings fellow bloggers- and thanks for the warm welcoming to blogosphere.

Yes, www.VoicesForTheLake.org aims to continually engage the public in a thought-provoking dialogue about the environmental issues that face the Lake Champlain Basin.

Voices for the Lake, this past weekend at ECHO, hosted Roundtable discusssions- each focusing on different environmental challenges and issues. Farmers, environmentalists, teachers, experts, and the general public focused the dialogue, using Personal Response Systems, on what they thought was the most threatening nuisance species, dangerous toxin, or greatest source of excess lake-bound phosphorus.

Over the coming days we will add new entries to the blog, aiming to engage bloggers (and recruit new bloggers!) by releasing voting results from each the Roundtables.

Thanks again for the links, and happy blogging!

Posted by: TrevorNesbit | Jun 28, 2005 9:10:44 PM

So I was at several of those roundtable discussions videotaping them and I have to say, as nifty as the "Personal Response Systems" are, they seemed a bit like overkill. There were literally six people at one of the discussions. Do you really need that technology to do straw polling for six people? I guess if it keeps the IT guy happy. :) Nice looking blog.

Posted by: Bill Simmon | Jun 30, 2005 12:18:22 AM

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