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Friday, July 29, 2005

Yes, the Seven Days website is really slow

If you've tried to read Seven Days online lately, you've probably noticed that the site is really slow. We know about the problem, and are working to fix it. Webmaster Don says we're getting a new server in a couple weeks that should take care of it. Until then, everybody pick up a hard copy.

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Yeah Cathy, I had noticed how slow the 7Days site had been for quite a while and am glad something will finally be done about it. Actually today I had no problems with it though.

My apologies for being a little off-topic with the following, but speaking of 7Days, with my having been away for two weeks this month visiting family in Rhode Island and then just beginning to catch up on a few things of late I have only just now come across your fine, insightful and instructive article published in 7Days on July 20th, here; which -- due to it being written by this particular blog's blogger and providing a window into a portion of your lived experience(s) -- I am a little surprised not to find a blog post in which it was mentioned and linked to (unless I missed it somewhere) for those like myself who would be very interested in reading such.

Good article Cathy!

Posted by: mwb | Jul 29, 2005 12:38:42 PM

I also noticed that 7 Days newspaper site runs on Typo3, which is a slower running CMS and probably doesn't have a lot of caching features built into it which means the database is being queried a lot!!!

Posted by: Jim | Jul 29, 2005 12:53:46 PM

Ditto what Jim says. It recreates the pages every single time. Poor Server. It shouldn't have to do that much work. I, for one, will be happy never again to see the "please wait while page is being created" message. I'd really hate to see what it's like on dialup! Glad you're working on it. Hope the new servers help. If not, you might want to look into some way to get your pages cached.

Posted by: pam | Jul 29, 2005 6:16:04 PM

You should use that VT company that does the County Courier's site, since you like it the most of the VT newspapers. I, too, have a sweet spot for the Courier's site. I think it's exceptional! For those who want to see/read it: www.TheCountyCourier.com

Posted by: Sara | Aug 1, 2005 1:18:28 PM

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