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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Real VT: Sunday afternoon at the fair

Just got back from an afternoon at the fair. Here's some disturbing photographic proof. The first photo shows some hats made by A&W Designs (check out the inscription on the one in the foreground!). The second photo is of a sign from the sideshow on the midway that my friends and I paid $2 apiece to see. Not surprisingly, the cat turned out to be pretty pathetic, and not even alive, though the 6-legged goat and 6-legged cow were both real. Last shot is from the back of one of the merch tents. The creepy stuff is always in the back. We actually had a fun time, and ate lots of greasy junk. I highly recommend the experience.Dscf2770Dscf2736Dscf2672

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Huh. I would have thought the cat with two bodies and one head would turn out to be a jazz duo. Thanks for the warning, I'll save my money for a corn-on-the-cob.

Posted by: Robert | Aug 28, 2005 9:34:22 PM

Isn't anyone else outraged by the caption on that hat?

Posted by: cresmer | Aug 29, 2005 6:04:48 PM

of course, Cathy. I think I may have seen something like it before. And I assume it is the mindset of some of the military folks.

Steve just said, "it is one of the more twisted things I've seen." (and he's seen it many times he says) Then he heard it was selling at the fair. "What??"

I just hope no one buys it. If I see anyone actually wearing it, I may not be able to hold myself back from giving them the finger.

Posted by: evening | Aug 29, 2005 7:15:31 PM

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