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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Blogging Ethics and more at JSC, Sept. 23

On Friday, September 23, Johnson State College is hosting Alternative Media Day, which will feature two panel discussions about Vermont's alt. media. The morning discussion will revolve around blogging. I'll be on the panel, along with Bill Simmon, Jessamyn West, Paul Lavasseur, and Brian Brown. That goes from 9-11.

Guests for the afternoon panel, which goes from 1-3, and covers the challenges of alt. media in a diverse media environment, include Shay Totten, Lauren-Glenn Davitian, Chris Grotke, and community activist Perry Cooper.

Both panels are in the Ellsworth Room in the JSC Library, and both are free and open to the public. The event is the third in a series on the media sponsored by the JSC Journalism Department, and by the American Democracy Project.   

I'm hoping to talk about the ethical issues raised by this unfortunate story I've been blogging about. Anything else you think we should cover? Is anyone planning to come?

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This should be very interesting, and I'm sorry I can't make it (going to be out of town for work).

Maybe talk about the impact blogging CAN have (like the VSH story above, your site in general, political blogs getting more people involved/informed, etc).

Posted by: evening | Sep 13, 2005 10:35:54 AM

If I am able to find a ride there and back, I would very much like to attend.

Is anyone going up either from or through the Montpelier and willing to provide me with a ride? If so please click the link (i.e., my initials) to my blog and then click onto my profile which includes my e-mail address with the upper left hand column.

Does anyone know if the site will have free wi-fi for those of us who have laptops wired for it?

Posted by: mwb | Sep 15, 2005 4:32:11 PM

Opps. Had *meant* to write:


Is anyone going up either from or through the Montpelier *area* ...


Posted by: mwb | Sep 15, 2005 4:36:27 PM

Hey Morgan, no wifi as far as I know. There wasn't any last March, and I don't think they had plans to put any in. Also, I'm not headed up through Montpelier. Sorry! Hope you can make it, though.

Posted by: cresmer | Sep 15, 2005 5:02:24 PM

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