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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Gem Sweater Museum coming to Burlington!

LeslieI'm plugging this here because I just didn't do it justice in the paper. Leslie Hall — rapper, Iowa native, and Gem Sweaterologist — is coming HERE to unveil her Mobile Gem Sweater Museum. She's driving into town today, I think, and will be parking her RV in front of JDK at 47Sanctuary (47 Maple St.) for the weekend.

The best way to understand this truly marvelous news is to watch these two music videos, available for free on atomfilms (link to Gem Sweater, link to Beat Dazzler).

Leslie and the Lys are performing on Friday night, in the parking lot beside Great Harvest Bread Co. and Fresh Market, on Pine Street. Everybody gem up.

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Can Leslie please place her left hand on top of her right hand next time her photo is taken so I can see if she's married?

Posted by: PhlacPigger | Sep 22, 2006 4:23:02 AM

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