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Monday, October 10, 2005

Another column documenting the decline of print journalism

I'm not as afraid of these as most of my journalistic peers, probably because I'm younger, and I only recently began to count myself among their number. This column, from the LA Times, restates the widely reported industry trends of declining profits and circulations in the newspaper industry. The best quote comes from this independent analyst, who says the way people get their news is inevitably changing:

"This is the same thing that happened to other legacy industries like the steel mills and textile industry," Vogel said. "The only difference in newspapers is everybody has a college education and can express themselves, so they can moan and groan and go on and on about it."

Part of me believes that pretty much sums it up, but the newspaper loving part of me wants to say there's still hope. I dunno. The times is a changin'. I just like to keep bringing this up because nobody else in Vermont seems to care much. Or at least they're not saying so publicly.

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You should check out Jeff Jarvis' website, Buzz Machine. He frequently posts about the relationships between bloggers and MSM and what's happening to newspapers. Great stuff. I read him every day, and no, he isn't paying me to say this.

Posted by: Michael Martine | Oct 10, 2005 8:46:43 PM

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