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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Vermont soldier's blog offline

The Vermont soldier in Iraq who was blogging "anonymously" at Roger's Blog has taken down his site. I got an email from his wife today, letting me know the blog — which she didn't want linked — is now offline.

Says "Sarah": It was taken down because of issues about Roger with the army and I'm not really at
liberty to discuss them at the moment. Maybe when he's home next summer and no longer under the army's control, we can share the details of his situation.

I'm not surprised, but it's too bad.

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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Real VT: Nice hair.

From the anonymous substitute teacher/lesbian/tarot reader who blogs prolifically as New York Ex

 Tails on Heads

New trends in Vermont middle schools: tails. On boys. Braided.

Isn't that so, like, 1986?

I just want to go up to to them and say, no, no, no! No tails!

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Friday, October 28, 2005

Rosa Parks to lie in state (correction: in honor) at the Capitol

I got a little choked up when I saw this AP story, by Ken Thomas:

Rosa Parks, the seamstress whose act of defiance on a public bus a half-century ago helped spark the civil rights movement, will join presidents and war heroes who have been honored in death with a public viewing in the Capitol Rotunda.

Parks, who died Monday in Detroit at age 92... would be the first woman and second black American to receive the accolade. Jacob J. Chestnut, one of two Capitol police officers fatally shot in 1998, was the first black American to lie in honor...

"The movement that Rosa Parks helped launch changed not only our country, but the entire world, as her actions gave hope to every individual fighting for civil and human rights," said Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid of Nevada. "We now can honor her in a way deserving of her contributions and legacy."

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Reality Porn?

What the hell is reality porn? Do I really want to know?

From Jessamyn's personal blog, Abada Abada:

Lastly, I got to spend the last leg of my trip amicably chatting with a gal who does "reality porn" who was travelling to Vermont with the cast and crew to do some location shooting. More interesting than you can imagine. We talked about the digital divide and about giving blowjobs to 15 guys at once. I led the first discussion, she led the second.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Vermont Blogger Meetup II — it's official

Date: Saturday, November 5
Time: 3 p.m.
Place: Langdon Street Cafe, Montpelier
Cost: Free, but you might want to get somethin' to drink while we're there.
Who's invited: Vermont bloggers, blog-readers and the people who love them.

Spread the word.

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Weekly Post: from Leaning Birch

This week's post o' the week is from Leaning Birch:

Wednesday, October 19, 2005 

The Legend of the Spider People              

For Sara Gwenllian Jones~

Spider People, as the legend goes, look much like periwinkles when they're cold. They huddle together on the back of Champ, the legendary sea monster of Lake Champlain.

In the summer, they reflect sunlight like scales. In the winter, they remain on the ice flows, but their bodies are so iridescent that one can't see them through the crystals of snow.

They feed on the sloughing of Champ skin except that Champ’s dander is more like the slime of overcooked okra. Think freshwater dust mites chewing on prehistoric, wet, scale residue...

Read more at Leaning Birch, or find the slightly edited version on page 62A of this week's Seven Days. If you're wondering, "how do I get my blog into this column," consider this: I'm looking for writing that's fairly brief (about 200 words or so, less if there's an image). It should be creative, maybe about Vermont, able to stand alone in a newspaper and be interesting to the casual reader. And it should make people want to read blogs. If you want to suggest a post for consideration (feel free, but only if you're on my blogroll), send ideas to me at [email protected]. Please don't send more than one per week. 

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Blogroll Maintenance

If you notice some blogs disappearing from the blogroll, that's because I'm getting rid of a few that are no longer active or have disappeared.

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Rosa Parks, 1913-2005

It's off-topic, but I wanted to take a moment to remember Rosa Parks, the civil rights pioneer who died yesterday in Detroit. I'm originally from the Detroit-metro area, and remember hearing about her now and again in the local news, apart from learning about her in the history books.

Coincidentally, Ann-Elise and I recently visited my parents in Eastpointe, and toured the bus on which Parks made her famous refusal. It's now on display at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. If you're curious how it ended up there, read this informative story from the Detroit Free Press. The museum has had the bus restored, and it looks great. I highly recommend going to see it if you're in the area (and if you can afford the pricey admission to the museum).

The museum actually lets you get on the bus, and invites you to sit on the same seats where Parks sat. It's impossible to get on board and not feel a sense of awe. I was actually reluctant to get on at first, but the tour guide inside encouraged me. Like most of the patrons of the museum, she was white. She explained how the bus had recently been restored, and gave some historical background for the incident involving Rosa Parks.

While I was there, another woman stepped into the bus. She was probably just over 50. White. She had on denim capri pants and flip flops. She listened to the tour guide's spiel, then shook her head, as if to say, tsk tsk. "What a world!" she said, as if to distance herself from the racism of the past (ever the reporter, I was taking notes). "Well," responded the guide, unwilling to let this woman off the hook, "it was only 50 years ago." It sounded a little like a reprimand to me.

"I know," responded the tourist abruptly, as if to end the discussion. But the tour guide continued. "That's the worst thing about it," she said. "This is recent history."

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Monday, October 24, 2005

Real VT: Snow!

Ernesto hasn't moved out yet. Yesterday, he got some snow. Wow, that's way more than I saw on the ground yesterday in Huntington.

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Friday, October 21, 2005

Vermont Blogger Meetup II

A number of you have emailed me asking when that Vermont blogger thing will be. Sorry I've been so lax about setting it up. I've been flat out busy, and unable to think about anything in the non-urgent pile.

I've finally decided (with help from Bill at Candleblog) that the best day is Saturday, November 5th. Time? 3pm. Place? Montpelier. More specificly? TBA. We're looking into a couple options. Will let you all know asap.

Sorry to those of you who can't make it. Turns out that's pretty much the only day that will work for me. Hope it works for you!

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