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Monday, December 19, 2005

Real VT: Senator Leahy goes shopping

Reason # 347827859 why I love Vermont: from Hall Monitor's Darren Allen, who ran into Senator Patrick Leahy at the Hunger Mountain Food Co-op on Saturday. Leahy spent the weekend at home before returning to DC as the session winds down.

After a brief chat with the senator very much in the news lately for opposing President Bush's approach to renewing the Patriot Act -- and for angrily denouncing a domestic spying program that has Bush very much on the defensive -- he bade goodbye.

As he left the checkout line, a woman in the aisle spotted him, and started clapping loudly. Soon the entire store erupted into cheers.

I'll bet you that most senators in the country don't get that kind of a reception while stocking up on a few provisions.

I love it that it's possible to run into one of our two senators at the local co-op.

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that is very cool

Posted by: evening | Dec 19, 2005 7:46:57 PM

did anyone read the burlington free press today? Political blogging is really picking up, I guess.

What is fascinates me is why this hasn't been picked up sooner.

I want to congragulate VermontersFirst, PoliticsVT, Zephyr Teachout and others for this thing that they received. It's great when you get recognized by the media for what you do.

Also, PoliticsVT is site of the day at Politics1. I just surfed over there and checked it out.

They're really picking up.

Posted by: tod | Dec 20, 2005 2:46:52 PM

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