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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Read anything by "Nasdijj"?

Then you'll want to read this thorough article from today's LA Weekly, an alt weekly in the city of Angels. It charges Nasdijj, a "Native American" memoirist, with being a phony.

This link is a little off-topic for me, but I stumbled across the story and felt compelled to pass it along. It's longer than it  needs to be, but it's a real eye-opener. This paragraph pretty much sums it up:

The question that remains is how these frauds are perpetrated in such abundance. A writer, seemingly white in appearance and lacking anything resembling a verifiable personal history, turns in a manuscript filled with sage-like wisdom from an ancient and secretive people and no one bothers to check the facts? Houghton Mifflin’s Anton Mueller, presumably speaking for the publishing industry at large, has an answer: “As you know, we don’t fact-check books.”


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