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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Weekly Post: from False 45th

Today's post o' the week comes from False 45th. Flatlander usually writes about the music scene, but here he covers a Texas Hold 'Em tourney in the tiny town of Maple Corners.

My favorite aspect of the night was the contrast between this tournament and the ones you see on TV from Vegas. Rather than guys with sunglasses and cowboy hats, this tournament was filled with guys sporting a lot of mid-winter facial hair and funky smells. Rather than sitting at a table of uber-serious players, I had a lady breastfeeding her child at the table (and never missing a deal). Rather than being surrounded by the faux-luxurious trappings of guady carpeting, excessively large chandeliers and security cameras, we had wide colonial pine planks running under our feet, exposed beams traversing the ceiling and a few sconces on the walls for lighting.

You can read the whole post here, or find a slightly edited version on the letters page of this week's Seven Days. Yep, the post has moved to the letters page. We lost our space in the back  — and, thankfully, my goofy picture — thanks to a new layout. 

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