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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Comic Strip "Survivor"

Ec70db6b19 Seven Days is holding an online contest to decide which comic strips we should pull from the paper. We currently run more than 10 comics, and are trying to decide which to nix, and whether we should bring back some old faves (e.g., "Troubletown" and "Story Minute.") We may pull just one, or more than one. You can check out the different strips on the contest's intro page.

Not in the running: Tim Newcomb's editorial 'toons, Andy Singer's "No Exit," James Kochalka's "American Elf," and Alison Bechdel's "Dykes to Watch Out For" are all staying.

The contest ballot is set up IRV-style, just like those for Burlington's upcoming mayoral election. One thing's different, though: instead of choosing your favorite first, voters need to rank the comics in order from least funny (1) to the one that most tickles your fancy (10). Remember, you're voting for the one you want to see gone.

Polls are open through Sunday, February 26.
Please tell us what you think!

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Just FYI, two other strips that aren't going anywhere: "Red Meat" and "bliss." Only the ones with iffy futures are on the ballot.

Posted by: Meghan | Feb 23, 2006 3:31:18 PM

I voted. Down with Mr. Grieves!

Posted by: cresmer | Feb 23, 2006 5:00:04 PM

Why are they pulling a cartoon??

Is it to make room for other, new and exciting cartoons?

I sure do hope so! I don't want fewer comics in Seven Days because are a really great part of your paper.

Comics are a really interesting way for someone to make a point, be expressive, creative, fun ...

Be careful when you mess with the comics!

Posted by: Nat Kinney | Feb 23, 2006 5:29:31 PM

Actually, we pulled a couple cartoons a few months ago, and readers have been telling us we made a mistake. The ones that no longer appear are Story Minute and Troubletown. I think one may be returning pending the vote. But I'm not sure. I've been out of the loop thanks to my adorable bambino. But both of those strips are in the voting, and my guess is that we may want to put one back to replace Mr. Grieves. Er, whichever strip gets voted off.

Posted by: cresmer | Feb 23, 2006 11:22:21 PM

speaking generally, i've never been impressed with the cartoons in 7D. i've always found them to be its weakest feature, actually. (luckily the rest is so good, it makes up for it).

i won't vote because i don't read them enough to make an edjumacated decision. i like the concept of reader involvement, though, that's cool.

Posted by: steve | Feb 27, 2006 11:08:12 AM

Yeah, the cartoons aren't the greatest, although I particularly enjoy Dykes To Watch Out For and Bliss, which I usually find hysterical. American Elf has its charms, too. The others, well...

And speaking of comics, I've been loving this whole Elizabeth/Paul romance in For Better or For Worse (a daily part of my Burlington Free Press consumption). I am such a sap. Paul is a much better match for her than that Warren guy, or Anthony, who has far too much baggage. Good for her that she's found Mr. Wright. I just hope nothing bad happens to him. For some reason, I feel like maybe she's setting up some kind of tragic thing. I dunno. Probably not.

And Doonesbury is great, too. And Dilbert. The rest of the Freep's comics page is pretty awful, though they probably don't have many other interesting choices, other than Boondocks. Anybody have any fave comics they'd like to plug?

Posted by: cresmer | Feb 27, 2006 12:00:28 PM

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