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Monday, February 27, 2006

More BFP TV!

I'm finally back from maternity leave. Still sleep deprived and distracted, though, so please have patience with me.

A bunch of interesting stuff happened while I was away, and I hope to get to it all this week, but first allow me to draw your attention to the latest web video offering from the Burlington Free Press. The BFP has been experimenting with video lately. The segments are narrated by their online editor, Allison Lazarz. This one features farmer Art Meade, the subject of today's BFP cover story about niche farming.

I really admire the outside-the-box spirit of incorporating video on a newspaper website (though the video itself is more conventional than I'd like). I'm glad the BFP is making this leap. They're obviously investing some resources in this project, because the production quality is pretty good -- though frankly the stream I'm getting is a little garbled by feedback. When Meade's talking, the goat bleating in the background overwhelms him, as does some electronic beeping. Sounds unfortunately trippy. Anybody else have this feeback issue?

Has anybody else watched this video? What do you think of the BFP branching out this way?

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It shows that they have a strategy of viewing themselves as content creators who distribute content in a variety of ways rather than as a traditional print-bound news organization. This is a natural extension of an information/content business.

Given the fairly low financial barriers to create acceptable web video it makes sense that they'd branch out. And likely, there's someone at the Gannette Overlords that is paid to specifically to make this sort of thing happen for the chain.

As for their ability to do it, I don't know. Their link led me to some crappy AOLTemp page or something. But that's just ironing out the bugs. Sooner or later they'll look at Amanda Congden and realize how simple it is to do it right for the widest possible audience. Or they will lack the flexibility and just keep plowing ahead.

Posted by: gahlord Dewald | Feb 27, 2006 4:57:46 PM

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