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Friday, February 10, 2006

Welcome to the Vermont Blogosphere

Ok, I confess I'm a little behind in putting these links up. I've been dealing with a variety of other issues the past few weeks, not the least of which is my partner's pregnancy (four days past the due date and counting!). And there was that whole kerfuffle about Craigslist. And did anybody notice how many freakin' stories I wrote the last week of January? But now I'm back on the job. Until the baby comes, anyway.

Here, in no particular order, are the many new additions to my Vermont blogroll:

Sugar Mountain Farm: The personal blog of Walter Jeffries of West Topsham.

NoNAIS: Walter Jeffries' activist blog, opposing the USDA's National Animal Identification System. On his about page, he writes, "Since 2004 I have been trying to get the attention of our elected leaders, government officials and bureaucrats about just how bad the National Animal Identification System will be for small farmers and homesteaders. I feel re-soundly ignored by them. Most of them don’t bother to reply to my letters on this topic. The couple that have are strong supporters of NAIS, “all the way to the backyard” as they put it." So he started a blog. If you're interested in opposing the NAIS, you'll find everything thing you need to know here.

Hen Whisperer: This blog's subhead promises "Post Menpausal Ponderings," but lately it's become another flashpoint for the campaign against the NAIS. Written by an anonymous hen whisperer in "NW Vermont."

Orton Family Foundation: The infrequently updated blog of the Orton Family Foundation in Manchester. Contributors consider questions like, "What is a commons?"

Vermont Law School : Law students blogging.

Montpelier Matters: Morgan Brown's unofficial city of Montpelier team blog.

Vermont Slate: "Commentary and open discussion about Tablet PC programs in schools. A chronicle of the Tablet PC project at Vermont Academy." Infrequently updated.

Strictly Vegan: The no-meat, no-dairy blog of Vermont vegan cookie makers Liz Lovely. Answering questions like, "Where do vegans eat in Vermont?"

Analog Giant: Sports, music, culture, lefty politics. "K." Lives in Montpelier.

As Seen In VT: Cartoon blog! From the bio: "This is the temporary home of "As Seen In VT," a webcomic about my life in Burlington, VT. I'm a 23 year old art school drop-out and native Bostonian who's working full time and taking 3 classes at CCV. I'm basically self-taught when it comes to Photoshop and Illustrator, so there's going to be a lot of learning by doing here. As far as content is concerned, every strip of "As Seen In VT" has some real life basis, whether it's an exact transcription of a conversation I had or simply loosely inspired by something that happened to me. This is subject to change, but I'll keep you posted."

Greensboro Community Blog: As of February 8, there are two posts, but the first one got 129 comments. Obviously, people are ready to read more...

A big thanks to Morgan Brown, Vermont's most vigilant blogger, who tipped me off about a bunch of these. If I left anybody off, drop me a line: [email protected]. Can't promise I'll respond right away, but I'll get to it eventually.

UPDATE: Ooops, missed a few.

BurlingtonPol: Looking for dirt on Burlington's mayoral race? Try Haik Bedrosian's Burlington politics site.

Highgate:  Randomness from "TMoore" of Burlington who Casey tells me is a guy named Tanner.

DREAM blog: From the DREAM youth mentoring program. Infrequently updated.

UPDATE II: And more...

Rational Resistance: "Jack McCullough is a lawyer who lives in Montpelier, Vermont. He is involved in mental health advocacy and local and state politics."

More from the Floor: A sort-of blog by the legislative staff of Pat Leahy, featuring items like "Senator Reed Asks for LIHEAP Funding," and "Senator Talent Discusses BioMedical Science."

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hey cathy!
cousin casey here.

still no little one?
im thinking about you and ann-elise!
i miss you guys a lot and love you even more.

talk to you soon,

Posted by: casey | Feb 10, 2006 11:48:00 AM

That's my cousin from Florida. Yes, that's an off-topic comment, but I'm leaving it up because it's so gosh-darned cute.

Posted by: cresmer | Feb 10, 2006 11:56:15 AM

Well, we all are wondering too, Cathy. :) Good luck to you both. February 16 is a great day to be born, so I'm hoping for that day... unless it is too late for you two. ;)

Posted by: scully | Feb 10, 2006 7:35:00 PM

Appreciate the mention(s) and link Cathy. Thank you.

While it is of course my hope that the baby arrives whenever baby and mother both may choose, it seems to me that February 14th would be a most lovely day to be born (and, no the 14th of this month is not my birthday either). :-) [smile]

Best wishes.

Posted by: mwb | Feb 10, 2006 9:40:49 PM

Wow, your post is so Meta, it's hella-Meta!

Posted by: Tanner | Feb 10, 2006 11:39:25 PM

Hey Cathy,

Hope you do not mind, but as you will be taking time away and it is about VT-based blogs, I thought I would flag the following for those who have not already come across it yet:

Burlington Free Press (BFP: Blog solicits Colchester planning comments (Monday, February 13, 2006).

However, not only is the blog extremely hard to find without doing a bit of surfing in order to find where they have a link to it available on the town Website, but come to find out both the BFP reporter and the town official quoted within the paper got it wrong -- as it is not a blog at all, but rather is a discussion board.

By the way, the link to it is here.

Posted by: mwb | Feb 13, 2006 9:24:50 AM

More VT-based blog-spotting:

While doing a Web search for something entirely different, I came across an online community newspaper blog for Alburg, VT: ialburgvt.

It, the main page anyway, does not seem to have been updated this year yet however.

Apparently this is part of the itownsvt blogs featured/hosted by the St. Albans Messenger I somewhat vaguely recall Cathy may have mention about within a blog post a while back. There is an entire listing of other such itownsvt blogs within the right-hand side-column of the blog(s).

Speaking of the St. Albans Messenger (SAM, their Website is quite an improvement from the time a long while back since my last visit. Impressive indeed.

They even have something, which I have not checked out yet, called messenger TV hosted on the site. Looks worth exploring!

If anyone were to ask me for my opinion on the subject, the SAM Website and its various offerings so far puts the Burlington Free Press (BFP) Website and its offerings to shame, at least as things appear to stand at the moment anyway.

Posted by: mwb | Feb 13, 2006 1:28:36 PM

Oh, you mean we launched just a few days too late to make the list? Green Mountain Daily, is a community, lefty political blog in the style of MyDD, DailyKos, and the like -- meaning its set up so users can come in, post their own diaries, and blog to each other (and recommend/rate each others' posts and comments), as opposed to a more traditional linear blog like good ol' 802 online. GMD will have a handful of rotating front page bloggers.

Posted by: odum | Feb 16, 2006 11:53:26 AM

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