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Friday, March 10, 2006

Vermont Blogs on VPR

Early this month, I got a call from Patti Daniels, the talk show producer at Vermont Public Radio. She invited me to participate in a VPR show about blogging in Vermont. The live show, a half hour segment on Vermont Edition, will air next Wednesday from noon to one. I think I'm going to be on with VPR commentator Philip Baruth, who blogs at Vermont Daily Briefing.

Says the Vermont Edition webpage:
Vermonters are writing blogs of all kinds, including several that focus on Vermont politics and community issues.  On the next Vermont Edition, we'll talk with Vermont bloggers about who's posting and commenting, how they define themsleves in the media landscape and who their audience is.

In addition, I received an email from Patti which suggests some topics:

- Which blogs do you pay the most attention to? What makes a good blog? Is there an up-tick in blogs that are focused on Vermont/Vermont issues, as opposed to personal blogs or topically-oriented blogs that defy geography?
- Are Vermont's political blogs an artifact of an election year, or are they here to stay? Do we know how large and diverse the readership is of Vermont's political blogs? Do we know if it's insiders taking cracks at each other, or regular people weighing in?  Is one more legitimate/interesting/valuable than the other?
- What does anonymity mean in small state like Vermont?  Do you trust a blog if you don't know the true identity of its owner? Is all this online anonymity antithetical to Vermont's mythologized preference for face-to-face self-governance?

I also plan to talk about this whole governor's press conference kerfuffle.

If you'd like to chime in with your thoughts pre-show, please sound off in the comments to this post. Or you can address VPR directly using the contact form on their website, or by emailing [email protected]. Or you could give 'em a call. The various numbers are listed below the contact form. I'm not sure which one you'd use, but you'll figure it out. The more feedback we get, the more interesting this show will be. Because I know no one wants to listen to me and Philip blather on and on about blogging for that long. Let's make this interactive.

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When the subject turns to political blogging, don't forget to mention Steve Benen: our ringer.

Posted by: Bill Simmon | Mar 10, 2006 5:56:19 PM

I'm surprised more people haven't mentioned Steve. He's such a blogging big shot.

Posted by: cresmer | Mar 10, 2006 7:22:04 PM

Cathy, I was glad to see you were one of the two chosen; I also like that Philip Baruth was, too.

I agree that Steve Benen's blog is excellent, and a big deal as well as an intelligent voice. The Carpetbagger Report is a regular read along with other big-deal blogs.

But we're blessed with a growing number of intelligent voices up here, Morgan Brown and NTodd and so many others. When I began almost three years ago, I saw relatively few others who identified themselves as Vermont bloggers. This has changed not insignificantly during this period.

Even among those bloggers whose political leanings and outlook are quite different than mine, the discussion on Vermont blogs is usually better than average across the country. And there are a number of non-issues blogs here as well I should note because blogging isn't limited to politics or issues. The talk is as diverse as the state residents, which you have to love!

I'll try to listen on the ides of March. Good luck with it; hope you have fun and end up educating a whole new audience for us all. I'm doing a workshop on blogging for my local community library because there seems to be increased interest in the medium.

Posted by: Katharine Chase | Mar 10, 2006 7:57:57 PM

Hi Patti!

Patti used to be my co-worker and then neighbor.


Posted by: Katy | Mar 12, 2006 3:58:11 AM

Random thoughts (spawned by the questions, above)

+ There's lots of things that can make a good blog. Most compelling for me has always been the author's manner of telling a good *story*, and offering a unique point of view.

+ I don't much care for anonymous blogs, though I'm aware that some folk feel compelled to write with a pseudonym, either for sake of job security, or personal security, etc. which is fine and dandy if yours is a whistle-blowing blog, I s'pose... otherwise, I'd prefer you were willing to attach your name (and your reputation) to your words.

+ Until quite recently I paid scant attention to political blogs (much as I paid relative little attention to politics.) I'm late to realize how important being an active part of political process is... in fact, it's really only the extravagent abuses of the current political regime that's knocked some sense into me, driven me from my long-held conservative roots and sent be round the bend altogether into something of a progressive point of view. Having said that... I haven't staked out a political point of view on my own blog -- I've been happy talking about coffee.

+ Are political blogs here to stay? You betcha. Actually, I look for technologies like blogs and the Internets to play an increasing role as a place to host the political dialogue of the day. The format needs some tweaking, however... today it's far too difficult to separate the tin-foil hat crowd from those who are engaging in hyperbole because there really *are* conspiracies, dammit. ;) Maybe that's a direct result of current events...

Have fun on VPR!!


Posted by: Doug Cadmus | Mar 12, 2006 11:32:35 PM

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