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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Is it still a newspaper?

This Colorado "paper" strives to be the primary newssource for a community of 360,000 people. The twist? There's no print edition. It's entirely online.

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I would say yes.

Posted by: Tom | May 11, 2006 2:32:09 PM

Yes, in my opinion, certainly such tree hugger (online edition only) versions of newspapers are.

Posted by: mwb | May 11, 2006 3:19:03 PM

It's only a newspaper if it's printed. A newspaper can be clipped and saved in a scrapbook. A newspaper can't be changed once it's published. A story on website can be tweeked or changed at will. MSNBC changed their web story about Cheney shooting a guy in the face after it was published. I change stories on BurlingtonPol all the time. If you're just looking at it on the web, it isn't a newspaper. If you fire-up your printer and print it, then it becomes a newspaper.

Posted by: Haik Bedrosian | May 12, 2006 9:13:05 AM

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