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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Tuesday Deadline Linkdump: Real Vermont edition

When I started 802 Online, I had this notion that I could use Vermont blogs to give people a better idea of what Vermont is really like down all those back roads that lead off into the woods. I thought of it as a kind of antidote to "the Vermont brand."

I haven't given up on that idea, but it's actually pretty difficult to find many dirt road type stories. I keep looking, though. Here's lookin' at you:

Love Suddenly: from Vermont Diary.
Hosta takeover: by the Mad Linguist of Viridis Monster.
Satan's Rockin' 666 Eve: Details from Burlingtonian Matt G. Paradise.
Full-Screen follies at a Vermont videostore: from Daily Routine.
Bluebirds at Dorset Farms: via Dorset Farms Neighborhood.
Alison gets her new book: via DTWOF: the Blog.
Pictures of birds: via Dohiyi Mir.
Sunday: via Now Norma Knits.
Power outage in Bethel: via Abada Abada.
Rollerblading on the bikepath: via 8th Nerve.
Rainville and Tarrant: via Green Mountain Daily.
Kid skiing at Jay Peak: via YouTube.
Dumb nameless drunkards: via YouTube.

This kind of hyperlinked snapshot is limited only by what's out there. Or what I know is out there, anyway. The more voices, the more diverse and more accurate it is.

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