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Friday, June 30, 2006

New Vermont Blogs

New to me, anyway.

MRBFK: by the mysterious "Bobby Farouk."

Bad Colonies Motoring Cooperative: Vermonters in the Mongol Rally 2006!

B-Sides Blog: by activist Michael Colby of Broadsides. "Broadsides is a project of Food & Water, Inc. (F&W) - a nonprofit organization that has been pestering the power elite since 1986."

Starting a Family Farm in Vermont: a blog about that.

Vermont Gardener: by George Africa of Marshfield. 

Brent's Notebook: new Burlington Free Press arts blog.

vt.Buzz: new Burlington Free Press politics blog.

Hemmings Auto Blogs: from the Hemmings Motor News.

News & Views: Shoreham, VT: a town blog for Shoreham. Local government meets the blogosphere! You'll be on the edge of your seat reading posts like, Draft Zoning By-Laws — Get your red pen ready! Seriously though, I like this. Too bad there are no comments.

Your Vermont Home: real estate agent blog that's not just about real estate.

Okemo Mountain Real Estate: by Irene in  Okemo Mountain.

Short Blog: from the Vermont Shortbread Company. Says the subhead: "Short Blog: Tidbits for small business guerilla marketing, a dash of juicy food commentary, sprinkled with a dollop of compassionate irreverence by Ann Zuccardy (with occasional marketing commentary from famous guest authors)." And that's not all! Here's an excerpt from june 29:

Yesterday, I was heading south on I-89 between the South Burlington and Williston exits.  It was mid-morning and the driving summer rainstorm made visability difficult.  I was completely focused on the painted lines in on the highway to guide my way when I noticed a family of ducks crossing the interstate.  They were in my lane (almost to safety, but not quite there).  I was able to safely avoid them without causing other motorists problems.  The mother duck safely led her four ducklings across the interstate in torrential rain.  No ducklings had been hit and those fluffy babies seemed oblivious to danger.   As I passed them, I watched their progress in my rear view mirror for as long as I could.  They all made it to the grassy area."

Zounds! Shortbread and suspenseful tales! I'm hooked.

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Hey Cathy, I hope you will give Steve Moyer-http://stevemoyer.us some press. Not only does he have a VT blog but he is running for U.S. Senate and has some very creative solutions for our dysfunctional corrupt government, namely his "internet democracy" proposal whereby via a Vermont voter database any and all registered Vermont voters could propose their own legislation that could be endorsed, added to, commented on and voted on by other Vermont voters. It would act as a referendum of sorts for the State whereby the voters could hold their representatives feet to the fire-something which there is an obvious need for. Our country is on the precipice of a downward drift towards fascism and Steve is going to do what he can to stop the slide, for that he deserves some press.

Posted by: Peter Stevenson | Jul 6, 2006 2:59:57 PM

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