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Friday, June 02, 2006

SegRides of Vermont

SegwayHere's something you don't see every day — yet. I ran into a guy on a Segway on the Burlington bikepath today. He owns this company SegRides of Vermont. They've apparently got a fleet of Segs that you can rent out for guided tours, tradeshows, private parties, what have you.

He says they may be bringing the fleet to the Waterfront, to do tours. Nothing's final yet, but he's trying to make it happen.

Losing 135 Pearl, gaining Segways... is there a connection?

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Mike Gordon called. He wants 2002 back.

Damnit. I was going for a joke there and I missed. I know there's a good one somewhere in there though.

Posted by: Bill Simmon | Jun 3, 2006 1:06:18 PM

Frankly, I'd just as soon keep all motorized vehicles except for wheelchairs off the bikepath. To me, Segways are just a yuppie version of the pocket bikes that get the cops all frothing at the mouth.
Instead of sharing the bikepath, why don't we let the Segways share the dog toilets, I mean parks...maybe somebody could develop a game of polo where the riders scoop up the dog doodles and pop them into the can for a point.

Posted by: steve | Jun 4, 2006 7:51:02 AM

How much did Segways of Vermont pay you for this ad?

Posted by: Clyde | Jun 9, 2006 2:35:39 PM

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