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Thursday, July 13, 2006

New Vermont Blogs

Typepad was down yesterday, so I had to wait until today to post some of this stuff.

New blogs on my blogroll:

What i saw today: Freelance writer Caleb Daniloff's three-month-old blog. Daniloff contributes to the Boston Globe, Rutland Herald and VPR, but you can read him unfiltered on his own site. Here's a post of his from July 6 entitled "Four smiling dead people":

      In the obituary section of today’s Free Press, each of the four black-and-white photos shows the deceased smiling, grinning even. This happy group – Harry, 84, Ida, 73,  Bruce E. “Bimbo,” 55, and Royce, 70 – is now perhaps sharing some sacred and blissful knowledge. But years before their deaths, each is squinting, almost in delight, at the same spot, as if into the same camera lens. It’s only Royce – dead a year but with a birthday today – whose smile looks a little reticent, as if he’d noticed something beyond the photographer, something of concern in the middle distance.

Mama Says: "A forum for mothers to share creative work and community resources."

Poet Tree: Poetry blog from Samantha Kolber. Here's a post from July 10:

Someday he will be more than this
pretend lizard in the back seat
I'm gonna eat you
pretend tiger shark because he
just wants to eat people
his play voice rises higher than anywhere
I've ever flown to.

Wind Energy Sucks: The mysterious Suck Wind Team is back...

Too Many Meople: Carl Carlson says his site fosters "A discussion of the socio-economic impact of an exponentially expanding population, peak oil, and oil depletion protocols." 

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Hi, I am the administrator to the Mama Says Blog. Thanks for mentioning/noticing us!!

I just today noticed your link on the referrers.org list.

It really made my day!


Posted by: Kris | Jul 13, 2006 2:47:40 PM

Mama Says is awesome. At least the hard copy version always has been -- and I'm not even a mama -- or a papa.

Also, Sam Kolber -- pretty much the most awesome-est person out there -- so it'll be fun reading her blog.

Posted by: Well, I hate to gush | Jul 13, 2006 4:41:28 PM

nine37 productions has a great blog that twentysomething former and current vermonters post artwork and images on. i suggest you give it a glance, if you get a chance, and it might make yout heart dance or even make you wet your pants...

Posted by: ninethirtyseven | Jul 19, 2006 12:35:34 PM

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