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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Weekly Post: From Tirade Parade

I was sorry to hear that T'Rage will be moving away once she graduates. I like her spunky take on college life at UVM, even if I often disagree with her. Here's a pre-departure post, Got Diplomas?

It's finally here folks. The grand finale. The big bang. I'm one day away from my last class as a college undergrad (and a day away from my 26th birthday bonanza).

With my luck, I'll probably get kicked out of school for sharing with the class on my lack of sympathy for Hizbollah or something. Perhaps they'll fail me for forgetting that celebrating diversity on campus only applies to a self congratulatory group "diverse" white lefties. Don't kid yourselves, Vermont. UVM is about as diverse as a meeting of the Dale Earnhardt Fan Club.

Read the rest here, or on the Letters to the Editor page of this week's Seven Days.

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