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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Economist says newspapers are getting it

I feel like I've seen other articles recently about how newspapers are finally picking up on online trends. This one from the Economist — More Media, Less News — is a good one. It summarizes some of the latest trends, and offers some rays of hope for our struggling industry, though not many.

Here's something I hadn't heard before:

Gannett, the world's biggest newspaper group, is trying to make its journalism more local. It has invested in “mojos”—mobile journalists with wireless laptops who permanently work out of the office encamped in community hubs.

One question: what the hell is a "community hub" if it's not an office? Is it, like, a shack in the woods somewhere? I mean, it's gotta at least have internet access, right? Am I a "mojo," since I often work from coffeeshops and libraries and places that have wi-fi access? I prefer the term backpack journalist.

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If this is indeed so, then why in the hell did the higher ups at the Burlington Free Press pull the plug on a capital bureau remaining located within downtown Montpelier?

It makes no sense.

Even if they could no longer remain the the digs they had before, they could have relocated them in a telephone booth somewhere, no?!

Yeah, I know, no more telephone booths to be found anywhere any longer. :-) [smile]

Posted by: mwb | Aug 24, 2006 4:09:18 PM

Opps, that last comment of my was of course in reference to the portion of your post concerning Ma' Gannett.

Posted by: mwb | Aug 24, 2006 4:11:10 PM

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