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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Weekly Post

This week it's Philip Baruth's recap of Green Mountain Daily's online Lt. Governor debate. Find Philip's Vermont Daily Briefing roundup here. My favorite part? The fart joke reference near the end.

You can also read the post on the Letters page of this week's Seven Days.

And while we're talking about VDB, I should point out this morning's post about the upcoming net neutrality action in Senator Jeffords' Montpelier office. It's tomorrow at noon. See VDB for more details. More info on the urgent issue of net neutrality here (via We Are the Web).

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Baruth was probably bumming because he couldn't find a photo of himself with both candidates to include with his post. My goodness, that man really does love himself. Hey Phil, this ain't no time for posing. It's action time. Let the ego go, my friend. Imagine the bombs falling on your head. Imagine "She's Right" supporting Rumsfeld's speech yesterday. Imagine that we're a nation at war, thus responsible for death on the other side of those bombs. Get real, Phil.

Posted by: SnarkyBoy | Aug 30, 2006 9:02:56 PM

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