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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tuesday Deadline Linkdump

One week to election day. Lots of election blogging going on. Here's a snapshot:

VDB interviews Matt Dunne.

Freyne comments on the Burlington Free Press endorsement of Rich Tarrant for U.S. Senate.

She's Right takes on VDB.

• Take a risk — write in Fisk!

The sisters LeMay are running a write-in candidate for U.S. Senate. Bibs Fisk, mayor of the Beaver Pond trailer park, has increased portion size for Meals on Wheels recipients and promised to build the circumcisional highway. The ladies have produced this mini-documentary about her campaign. (link via Green Mountain Daily).

• Also from Green Mountain Daily: GMD reprints the normally conservative Randolph Herald's endorsement of Sanders and Welch.

What is a free and democratic people to do when their leaders prod them into an unprovoked and unnecessary war, spilling the blood of their sons and daughters in a desolate land in pursuit of vain and foolish ends?

What is such a people to do when they hear their treasured democratic heritage mocked throughout the world and savaged at home by a government that knows neither truth nor honor?

There remains but one recourse for a people burdened with such leaders, and that is to rise in wrath and drive them out.

Scu-mentum? eeew. Thanks, Hall Monitor, for that exceedingly unpleasant term.

Endorsement roundup from Vermont Hum.

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