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Monday, October 23, 2006

UVM science fraud case in the Sunday Times Magazine

If you missed Jeneen Interlandi's story about Eric Poehlman, former UVM researcher sentenced to prison for fraud, check it out. It's a fascinating account of how a whistleblower lab assistant exposed his boss for fudging data.

I know this got covered by the local media, but I really enjoyed reading the Times' long-view perspective.

My only quibble?

After the hearing, Poehlman walked through downtown Burlington with his mother and a group of young colleagues from Montreal who had come to show their support. The rain had stopped and the sun cast a bright shimmer over the wet cobblestone streets.

What cobblestones? We don't have any cobblestone streets downtown. Church Street is paved with bricks.

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The Sunday Times piece on Eric Poehlman's gross misconduct was well done even with some frivolous, if not quite accurate, details.

That Poehlman could be so flagrantly fraudulent for so long speaks volumes about the culture that enabled his colleagues and underlings to be blind or forgiving to his misdeeds.

Mr. DeNino deserves enormous credit for outing Poehlman's fraud.

Posted by: David Usher | Oct 25, 2006 8:13:17 PM

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