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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Letting Go

Hat Eva the Deadbeat is finally an unemployed deadbeat. She writes movingly about letting go of her job, and shares photos of some really cool old hats.

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Awww, thanks Cathy! It has been such a crazy emotional time around the ol'Offasty these days.

I want to thank all the lovely and wonderful people I had the pleasure of working with for 2 years! I am so grateful for all that I learned AND for the wonderful goodbye song (written by the famous songwriter Jack), 2 die 4 cake (mmm, Mirabelles triple chocolate mousse...mmm), fabulous Education lunch send off (prezzies!?), marquee pic (I finally got on the marquee! YES!) and goodbye party at the fabulous Suzanne's (where i consummed more food than should be possible).

You guys know how to make a deadbeat girl feel swell. Even if she is a sentimental ol' lazy cow who will not give up the hats 'til the curtain closes! ;)

Posted by: Eva Deadbeat | Jan 5, 2007 1:41:02 PM

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