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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Weekly Post

Molly This week the spotlight is on Vermont's irreverant revenant expert, Molly Hodgdon. In Sunday Morning Buffet: Zombie Q&A, she explains why they call her "Undead Molly." I've always wondered.

Q. Are you undead?
A. As some of you already know, the "Undead" part of my name refers to my expertise in the field of revenant research and theory. Vampires and zombies are my m├ętier.
Q. What does that mean, exactly?
A. Well, I do watch a lot of horror movies, but just doing that does not one an "expert" make. I've also developed an entire library of mostly non-fiction books on these topics, and written countless papers, essays, and articles.
Q. Uh, "Non-fiction"?
A. These are books which document and analyze the role of undead folks in mythology, folklore, literature, and film.

Read more at Undead Molly or on the letters to the editor page of this week's Seven Days.

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Hi Cathy-

Have you heard anything about Section 220 of Senate Bill 1?
Maybe has some implications for bloggers?

Here's a link (short read) to an email I received talking about it...

Posted by: Amy | Jan 18, 2007 11:47:53 AM

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