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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Vermont Blog Roundup

Rings I'm trying a new title for this feature. Gone is the "Tuesday Deadline Linkdump." I think "Vermont Blog Roundup" more accurately describes what it is, though I'm entertaining other suggestions. Feel free to offer them.

This week on Vermont blogs:

• More comments from State Senator Bill Doyle's Town Meeting Survey. Seems like 80% of the comments are a variation on this one:

“The cost of living in Vermont is making it so native Vermonters can’t live here, only the affluent.” – Duxbury

Well gosh, I ain't from here, but I ain't affluent either.

• Read about the Ski Vermont Jukebox on False 45th.

• And you thought JetBlue was bad — Stowe resident Tom Evslin flew easyJet from Ljubljana to London and lived to tell the tale.

• Interested in helping remove the ridiculous amount of graffiti in Burlington? Check out the Graffiti Removal Team Blog. Their next meeting is Thursday.

Mr. Benchly shares a story that's all too common these days:   


As is their legal right, my company recently told a coworker of mine that he will be laid off in two weeks after his medical leave runs out because he was unable to beat his cancer in the federally-allotted 12 weeks of time. Once the lay-off is official, his health insurance will disappear and if he wants to continue fighting for his life, he'll need to foot the $350 monthly health insurance bill as well as continue to pay for what his health insurance won't cover.

He never names the company; not surprising, I guess.

• Looking for a few good blogs? Rarin' librarian Jessamyn West shares this list — five non-library blogs I read all the time.

• Looks like the Winooski River is not going to flood Montpelier after all. So what are they going to do with all those sandbags? Rob Kidd at Evolving Peace has some ideas.

• Last but not least, Seven Days music editor Casey Rea got married this weekend. Congrats, Casey and Brooke!


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Cathy, I'm curious (perhaps I missed an announcement): are you no longer posting the weekly post at 802online? Or maybe you're simply too busy these days with new responsibilities? But I always look forward to checking in Weds/Thurs, and especially like your choice this week; just worried readers beyond the print circulation will miss out. Anyway, just wonderin'.

Posted by: caleb d. | Mar 29, 2007 6:46:42 AM

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