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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Vermont Blog Roundup

Of note on Vermont blogs this week:

• Who are the anonymous bloggers at Vermont Scrap Wood? They seem to know quite a lot about the Vermont Software Developers Alliance. Read their informative and entertaining take on the Governor's recent visit to the monthly VTSDA meeting.

• Meeyauw reviews Barton Library Movie Night.

• Happy 4th blogiversary to 8th Nerve.

• Michael Wood-Lewis at Front Porch Forum won a couple awards last week (though of course he attributes them to everyone who uses the forums, and takes no credit himself.) In his blog post, he links to a Burlington Free Press story about one of the award ceremonies. What he fails to mention (I think he's probably too polite) is that in the list of award winners, the Freeps list him only as "Michael Wood-Lewis." They don't mention "Front Porch Forum."


Hey, have you noticed that a zillion other local media outlets have written or aired in-depth stories about Front Porch Forum (heck, I wrote two last year), but that the BFP has managed to ignore it almost completely? Are the Free Press reporters that blind to the community building that's going on here, or are they, perhaps, being told not to write about a service they see as a possible competitor?

I wonder...

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So, I'm from Indiana and am looking for state and local political blogs for the states of Vermont and New Hampshire? What would you consider your top 3 out of each state?

Here's what I normally read here in Indiana, so looking for something similar for your area:




Posted by: Eric | Apr 4, 2007 9:38:12 AM

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