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Friday, April 27, 2007

New Seven Days Blogs

We just launched two new blogs at Seven Days this week.

Suzanne_3 Omnivore is food writer Suzanne Podhaizer's new blog. Suzanne has been scheming about this site for months, but we held off on launching it until she was done working on the print version of Seven Nights, our restaurant and bar guide, which comes out next month. Suzanne's first few posts include a "stylish" crepe recipe, and an explanation of her cryptic bio photo.

Jernigan Yo, Hackie! is the online extension of cabbie Jernigan Pontiac's Hackie column. In his first few posts, Jernigan writes about some racist and homophobic passengers, and about his obsession with the Gilmore Girls. Hmmm.

There's another new blog coming soon. More on that next week.

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Oh boy, Seven Days is my blogosphere dream come true! ;)

Posted by: Eva | Apr 30, 2007 3:51:52 PM

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