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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Weekly Post

Snow_2 This week I spotlighted a post about the crap cold weather from Down on the Farm. South Peacham farmer Maryellen Griffin writes:

While I generally try to avoid complaining about the weather, even I make an exception this time of year. It feels like everywhere else is blooming, beautiful spring and we go from mud to this slushy, sticky mess. I think everyone I spoke to this morning was crabby. The generally crabby ones were extra crabby, and even the usually upbeat folks were crabby. It was a crabbiness convention. Which actually cheered me up, I thought, its not just me, everyone feels crabby this time of year.

Yes, indeed.

And there's more snow on the way.

Read the rest of Maryellen's post here, or on the Letters to the Editor page of this week's Seven Days. And enjoy the rest of the Old Shaw Farm blog.

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