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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Weekly Post #2

I can't believe I missed this one in my weekly perusal of the Vermont blogosphere.

Vermonter Caleb Daniloff at What I Saw Today on strangers in a small town:

You see them at the grocery store. People you once knew. The school principal you interviewed when you worked at the local paper. A neighbor from your first apartment in town. The mother of your daughter’s best friend from third grade. The college professor you played raquetball with four years ago. You’ve had coffee with them, but no longer remember where or when. They look older, have grey hair, lost weight, put on weight. You look different, too, thicker around the middle, rimless glasses. You’ve forgotten the names of their spouses, their kids. You can’t remember if she was the one who had a messy divorce or if he liked to smoke pot. All you know is you were once on a first name basis and now you head down the closest aisle when you spot them, pretending to be absorbed in your shoppping list. Little by little, by some unspoken agreement, you’ve agreed to unknow each other, to become strangers again.

There's more.

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appreciate the nod, cathy, thanks

Posted by: caleb d. | Apr 4, 2007 7:08:40 PM

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