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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Vermont YouTube of the Day

This is a good one, though it wasn't actually filmed in Vermont. It's a video from the first world championship highwire competition in Seoul, South Korea. It shows Circus Smirkus alum Jade Kindar-Martin of Shelburne walking/running a kilometer-long highwire across the Han River. The journey took him more than 11 minutes, nearly 10 of which have been captured on YouTube.

Kindar-Martin came in 3rd, out of 14 competitors.

Though he's from Shelburne, one of my editors tells me he's currently living in France. He and his wife, another acrobatic performer, actually got married on a high-wire. There's a nice photo on the Wikipedia page.

But Wikipedia doesn't say anything about the stunt Kindar-Marting pulled in Burlington in the 1990s. Apparently he stretched a highwire across Main Street in Burlington and walked back and forth between Nectar's and the Courthouse, while people stood beneath and watched.


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Digg.com drew attention to this a few weeks ago, because the folks at Yahoo News thought it would be funny to title a writeup of the river crossing
"Skywalker Crosses Han Solo."

It apparently got them lots of hits, because the original story has been taken down, but you can read the

Digg responses to it.

I never thought there was a VT connection, though.
Small world!

Posted by: Meghan Dewald | May 31, 2007 4:42:36 PM

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