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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Caleb Daniloff is moving to Boston

Dscf9138 Blogger and VPR commentator Caleb Daniloff — pictured here at the last Vermont blogger meetup — is moving to Boston:

My thinking right now is I'll shut down what i saw today at the end of the month. I hope to start another blog once we get settled in Beantown. In the meantime, I welcome and encourage any and all of you to join my mailing list (it's private, non-commercial). Just go to my website, click on “join the list” and fire off a blank email. Basically, I send out alerts when new writing or radio commentaries are pending. And I’ll certainly send out a mailing for any new blog venture. There are many things I'll miss about life in Vermont. Being part of the blogging community is right up there. It’d be a true honor to take a bunch of you with me.

We'll miss you!

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The feeling is mutual, Cathy. I’ll look forward to tripping through the Vermont blogosphere from Boston. Absence of geography is a wonderful thing.

Posted by: caleb d. | Jun 6, 2007 10:31:51 AM

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