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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Prince in Verizon ad

I saw this video posted at Outrageouschaos. Brooke calls her post, This is what it looks like when Brooke cries...

I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'm torn. I mean, if Prince really likes his Verizon service, is it ok for him to prostitute his art in this way? I dunno. I feel like, 10 years ago, I would have said he was selling out. And it still feels like he's selling out.

But the decision seems to make more sense to me now, perhaps because I've become a corporate suck-dog. Or possibly because I've developed a greater appreciation for money now that I have a kid to feed, a mortgage to pay, car payments and a long-term boiler loan. Whatever.

But still, Verizon? Did it have to be Verizon?

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Not much different from Paul McCartney and Starbucks...


Although, the fact that they played all mccartney all day in all the Starbucks everywhere earlier in the week tops some TV commercials with Prince and Verizon I think.


Posted by: Elaine Young | Jun 7, 2007 9:01:03 PM

I couldn't believe that Starbucks thing. God! Could you imagine having to work there that day?

I'm suspicious of the "brand as lifestyle" strategy that Starbucks is pioneering--the books, the music, the movies, all carefully tailored to their market niche. The whole idea of "if you like this, you'll like this..." is a little creepy.

But... I also think it's sort of smart. And I get why people would like it. I guess everybody's becoming a filter, because what the hell else are you going to do in a marketplace with a billion choices.

Posted by: Cathy Resmer | Jun 8, 2007 6:42:03 AM

Verizon? I still can't believe he did the Superbowl Half Time Show. Uggh.

Posted by: Mistress Maeve | Jun 11, 2007 10:52:09 PM

Huh. I just went to Starbucks and the woman behind the counter pointed out that Paul M. actually signed a record deal with Starbucks, which is why they're promoting the hell out of him.

I don't know whether to be sad or relieved.

Posted by: Cathy Resmer | Jun 12, 2007 7:50:28 AM

I think the reason the Prince thing irks me so much is because of who he is. I mean, I say this from a place of affection, but Paul sold out almost immediately. The Beatles were a commodity. For some reason, Paul selling out to Starbucks doesn't surprise me. But PRINCE. I guess if one takes Batdance into consideration, he's been selling out for some time now, but I still think of him as vaguely anti-establishment. Much like the Dylan thing. Argh.

Besides, if he needs cash, he should go on tour so I can go and scream and faint. It's only fair.

Posted by: outrageouschaos | Jun 12, 2007 6:28:02 PM

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