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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Vermont YouTube strawberry follow-up

Last week, I posted a video in which a guy named Paul announces that he's found the World's Biggest Strawberry.

Seven Days food writer Suzanne Podhaizer interviewed him this week as part of her story, Ruby Fruit Jungle. Turns out he's Paul Reynolds of Montpelier, a violist who teaches at Middlebury and plays in the Vermont Symphony Orchestra.

From the interview:

SEVEN DAYS: Do you plan to preserve the strawberry for posterity? Maybe you could varnish it or something.
PAUL REYNOLDS: My plan was to preserve it . . . I thought about selling it on eBay, and I told my wife about that. But we agreed that, in transit, it probably wouldn't last.

SD: What did you ultimately decide? Did you carve it up like a Thanksgiving turkey?
PR: My 2-year-old daughter's eyes were so big when she saw it that I couldn't resist giving it to her . . . she ate the whole thing.

SD: That must have taken a while.
PR: About 20 minutes. She had it all over her face and she just kept saying how good it was.

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Ask Suzanne for her recipe for strawberry-basil syrup. It's effing incredible.

Posted by: Molly | Jun 28, 2007 9:54:06 AM

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