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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Vermont Blog Roundup

This week in Vermont blogs:

• Did you just graduate from college? If so, you don't impress Vermont's own gay gun nut Jeff Soyer.

Given that, with rare exceptions, most colleges and universities are controlled by extremist leftists and liberals who insist that only people who agree with their socialist, nanny-state, “no individual responsibilities required” view can speak at their campuses or form clubs or receive good grades, I find that I have a very poor opinion of those people who graduate from these schools of social engineering. When I interview and am asked for an opinion about hiring people, I’m almost — almost — inclined to reject anyone who graduates from these Orwellian institutions.

He doesn't reveal where he works, sadly. So you could know where not to apply.

• This is a crazy story. Someone who lives in Huntington left their laptop on the roof of their truck and drove off. The laptop flew off at some point. But it was miraculously returned, reports Michael Wood-Lewis of Front Porch Forum.

• Why does this car have wooden wheels?

• Tanner at Highgate recently found a journal from the 1930s. He posts excerpts almost daily in the right-hand sidebar of his blog. Am I the only one who thinks this is really cool?

• Over Memorial Day weekend, members of Iraq Veterans Against the War staged a startling piece of street theater in New York City. Middlebury College prof Jason Mittell links to and discusses a video of the action. I actually interviewed one of these guys in April, for our cover story, Peace Talks. Aaron Hughes was here for the IVAW Warrior Writers reading at the Green Door Studio. Videographer Deb Ellis kindly let us link to her video clip of Aaron reading.

• Has Tom Messner jumped the shark? Vote in an online poll, courtesy of Haik at BurlingtonPol.

Woman on Segway pushing stroller, via the Secret Movie Blog. Weird.

• Lefty political blogger Steve Benen got his blog, The Carpetbagger Report mentioned on PBS' Bill Moyers Journal the other night. The Moyers item is about halfway down this post.

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Cathy Resmer wrote: Did you just graduate from college? If so, you don't impress Vermont's own gay gun nut Jeff Soyer. [...] He doesn't reveal where he works, sadly. So you could know where not to apply.

This got me curious, so I did some quick Googling.

While I do not know how update-to-date the site or the information on it might be, his Website indicates in general terms that:

[...] I've worked such diverse jobs as a club DJ for many years in NY, computer software instructor, fence salesman, and weekly commentator for the NRA radio show. Currently I'm employed by a large furniture company as manager of web and phone sales.

Although it was two years ago, an article penned by you published with Out In The Mountains about him (here; 10/2004) mentions that he works as a webmaster for a Vermont furniture company.

In addition, a Bloggasm interview of him done last year mentions (here) that he works for a medium sized, gay owned furniture manufacturer.

Though none of these manage to mention what large furniture company he was employed with, at least it narrows down the field a bit regarding what type of field of work he might currently be working in.

Posted by: mwb | Jun 6, 2007 11:11:45 AM

Gotta love the MacBook story... more comments posted today on Front Porch Forum from the owner's neighbors. Most are a version of "phew!" Thanks Cathy. -Michael

Posted by: Michael Wood-Lewis | Jun 6, 2007 2:18:18 PM

Glad you enjoy the Diary Cathy, it's alot of fun for me too - i'm trying to not to read ahead; but after visiting some relatives this weekend and talking to them about the diary, they gave me a little info on who the cast of characters might be, "Chaz" must be my great grandfather Charles, and Art, must be one "Arthur Mullen" who was supposedly quite the ladies man in the area, and had had a number of different gal on his arm in his day... interesting stuff indeed. He's to also have been quite the fox hunter :)

Posted by: Tanner | Jun 18, 2007 5:26:40 PM

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