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Monday, July 30, 2007

Montpelier Pillow Fight

So what happened? Did anybody go? I checked the blog but didn't see anything. I would have been there, but I was at a wedding. Er, civil union. But everybody called it a wedding.

I wish they would have a gay marriage pillow fight on the statehouse lawn. That would be very cathartic, I think. Supporters on one side, opponents on the other. If everybody signed waivers ahead of time, it might work...

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Not only did I manage to completely forget about the Montpelier Pillow Fight event myself, but it had been raining real hard in the Montpelier at or around that time, so I did not get over there for it; plus, if anyone did show up, I suspect that it would have been far too soggy and the pillows would have felt like bricks when hit by one.

The next morning (Sunday), once I finally remembered about the event, I went over to the State House lawn to attempt to find evidence if it took place and did not see anything from a quick look (could not tarry long as I would have been late arriving someplace I had to be).

Posted by: mwb | Jul 30, 2007 4:05:56 PM

This morning I spoke with someone associated with the security detail for the state office complex buildings and grounds within Montpelier, including of course the State House, and they said no one showed up for the pillow fight on Saturday -- that had been noticed anyway. Plus, like mentioned before, it had been raining real hard around then and also for some time, on and off.

Posted by: mwb | Jul 31, 2007 1:31:01 PM

Too bad. I still think the same-sex marriage pillow fight is a fun idea.

Thanks for the reporting, Morgan!

Posted by: Cathy Resmer | Jul 31, 2007 2:28:31 PM

You're welcome, belated or secondhand reporting as it was, Cathy.

Posted by: mwb | Jul 31, 2007 3:17:19 PM


Just wanted to provide some additional belated or secondhand reporting concerning the Montpelier Pillow Fight (MPF) that previously was initially reported to me and then by me as a complete wash out and non-event (as reported above in my 2nd posted comment).

Recently I spoke to a different person associated with the security detail for the state office complex buildings and grounds within Montpelier, including of course the State House, and this particular individual reported that two young people did indeed show up pillows in hand with their father waiting patiently staying dry in the car and at or about the time the pillow fight was to be held, they did manage to hold a small and brief pillow fight amongst the two of them.

The pillows must have fight like huge bricks both when swinging and being hit by them. Uff da!

Wish I could have been there to observe it, but like I mentioned within an earlier, I forgot about the event and also was inside staying dry waiting for the rain to halt so I could head out to my next destination.

By the way, I think I also remember being told that the father or someone had either a digital camera or digital video camera or whatever with them, but they were not sure really.

Have not seen anything on either Flickr or YouTube or elsewhere either about it yet though.

Too bad!

Hey Cathy, maybe we should get an 802 Online blog crowd initiated pillow fight going somewhere sometime and we can even vote on the when and the where, much like what we have done with the not-so-annual Vermont blogger gatherings; maybe this could be the next Vermont blogger gatherings and would help to serve to draw non-bloggers too.

(by the way, so you know, I think that Charlie at Point-FM seemed interested in having the Point be a part of the MPF; he posted a comment about such to their first post shortly after the blog had been created)

Let's get the party sssstaaaarrrrrted ...

It is just a thought!

Posted by: mwb | Aug 14, 2007 11:13:59 PM

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