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Monday, July 30, 2007

Vermont Blog Roundup

Beetle It's been a while since I've done one of these. This week, on Vermont blogs:

• Killing Japanese beetles with Norma the sadist.

• One way to keep your dogs and cats cool in the summer. From the Goma blog.

Deviant food behaviors, from Ann Zuccardy at the Vermont Shortbread Company. Ann confesses to mining the cookie dough chunks out of a pint of Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough ice cream. And eating a whole can of frosting with a spoon. "I would never put it on a cake, but it's okay on a spoon," she writes. "What's up with THAT?" You can leave your own deviant food behaviors in the comments.

• Tricia at Unringing the Bell writes about meeting other families whose kids have Down Syndrome. Her 7-month-old daughter has DS. If you want a window into life with a DS child, check out Tricia's blog.

• It's still summer, but apparently some birds are migrating South. No, it's not because of global warming. It's because summer is ending already. Sigh. That was fast.

• Vermont's own rarin' librarian Jessamyn West writes about technophobioa, technostress and why librarians should care about the digital divide.

• A brief history of Jamaican coffee, from Matt Sutte, owner of the Blue Star Cafe in Winooski. Matt's writing on Joe's blog, because Joe is on vacation in Alaska. Cool.

• Computer geek camps on the Long Trail. Wish I could take off and hike for a weekend! 

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cathy, thanks for the shout out re: the coffee blog. I wanted to share another local blog with you. John Van Hazinga, known as Big John, is a friend of mine, and most of the rest of Burlington. He was severely injured in a skate boarding crash a few weeks ago, and remains comatose in the hospital. This blog is by his sister and mother, and updates his well wishers of his condition. John is one of the nicest guys around, and while this blog is sadder than most, it would be a good one to get out there.



Posted by: matt sutte | Aug 2, 2007 10:48:20 AM

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