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Monday, August 20, 2007

Miscellaneous Monday

Dscf9597 Sorry for the dearth of postings. I spent a big chunk of time Friday with my new buddy, drupal. We're overhauling our site, and I've been mucking around on the new one, trying to figure things out.

My mom is visiting, too. She's watching Graham today while our day-care provider takes a holiday.

My mom is so cool (that's her in the photo). She was a computer programmer in the 1970s, and helped write the code for the first ATM machines at the National Bank of Detroit. She spent her later years before she retired as a "new systems development" manager, working with people more than computers, as I understand it. But she still tries to keep current with the online world — she was one of my first friends on Facebook! Hi, Mom! Thanks for watching G today.

Here's an interesting item from yesterday's Sunday New York Times. A magazine intern wrote in to the Ethicist with this query:

A journalism major at college, I was delighted to land an internship at a national magazine. My editor asked me to post comments on one of the magazine’s online blogs, being sure not to mention my working for the magazine but to write in a style that suggests I’m a reader. That felt dirty to me. Advice? — Nick McCarvel, Seattle

See how Randy Cohen replied...

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Your mom sounds cool, a true nerd before it was cool. I'm working with Drupal right now myself - trying to setup an intranet for my company, out of all the CMS out there this one is definatly the easiest to figure out... but that's not exactly saying much. Good luck ;)

Posted by: tanner | Aug 20, 2007 4:22:33 PM

actually, scratch that... it's Joomla, i'm working with Joomla. Drupal is not as user friendly as Joomla, though it's more versatile/powerful. If your having trouble with drupal, look into Joomla.

drupal joomla, joomla drupal, what is this david letterman at the oscars?

Posted by: tanner | Aug 20, 2007 4:25:30 PM

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