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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Snarky Boy's new site?

I found this via a Google alert this morning. Not sure what it is.

The URL says "Vermont Daily Times." The page title says "Broadsides." The blog posts it features are from Snarky Boy. The byline says Michael Colby. Coming soon?

UPDATE: An eagle-eyed reader just noticed that the text on the site has changed since my post. Here's what you'll find there now, courtesy of "Snarky Boy" Michael Colby:

"Yep. It’s a new site. But right now it’s only a work in progress, with random text and artwork being moved around while we finalize the look and feel of the new venture. Soon the blog portion of the site will be launched and – in the coming weeks and months – it will expand into a full-fledged online publication. Buckle your seatbelts…"

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